Mahajani Interest Calculator (महाजनी ब्याज)

While taking loan from Bank you have to pay EMI. the EMI included both loan amount and interest. On the other hand while taking money from Mahajan/ Sahukar you have to pay interest on monthly basis and principal amount is payable full in one time.

Here with the help of Mahajani Interest Calculator (कैलकुलेटर) you can check how much interest you have to pay if taking loan from Mahajan/Sahukar साहूकार ब्याज गणना.

रुपया सैकड़ा में कितने प्रतिशत ब्याज होता है ?

1. दो रुपया सैकड़ा = 24 %

2. डेढ़ रुपया सैकड़ा  = 18 %

3. सवा रुपया सैकड़ा = 15 %

4  एक रुपया सैकड़ा = 12 % 

5. पिच्तहर पैसे सैकड़ा = 9 %

6. पचास पैसे सैकड़ा = 6 %