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Converting number in word is very easy with above tool. Just enter the number and click on convert button to get in words. You can convert multiple numbers in words with one click. Just enter numbers in above box and get in words all of your numbers in a single click. Enter upto 50 numbers in one time and convert them in Words.

Here you can paste a column containing numbers from MS excel sheet to convert in words. After converting numbers in words you can copy the words from here to paste in MS excel column or any where you want.

Here you can convert Number in Words in 4 different formats

1. Convert Number in English Words - You can convert numbers in word in English language. The result will display in Indian number format.

2. Convert Number in Hindi Words - Here you can convert and read number in Hindi language written in Devanagari script.

3. Convert Number in Rupees -  Convert amount from figure to Indian Rupees format, that will useful in cheque writing. Convert your amount figure in words and write down on cheque.

4. Convert Number in Rupees Hindi - This converter displays amount in Devanagari Hindi words too, so you can write your cheque in Hindi language also.